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Our Story

We’re so glad you’re here. We’re a growing team fueled by a passion for helping brands showcase their strengths and values through impactful design. Our home base is San Diego, California, while our reach extends globally as we craft robust brand identities for clients near and far.


We specialize in strategic branding, print, and digital design for upmarket brands looking to make an impact. We value strategy-centered design, empowering our clients to establish themselves as leaders and differentiate among competitors.  At the core, we're dedicated to the transformative potential of strong design, empowering businesses to stand out as leaders in their industries.


Ethos is committed to crafting brands that communicate strong business foundation through captivating design, capturing the unique essence of each client. We've refined our process to be efficient and effective while friendly and collaborative.


We believe in the power of branding to forge meaningful connection between a business and its target audience.


Tori has played a pivotal role in helping countless businesses establish a strong and unified brand presence. Her expertise lies in cultivating visual standards that distinguish these businesses as frontrunners in their respective industries.


With a dual background in both business and design, Tori possesses a unique ability to bridge the divide between effective design and a solid business foundation, recognizing that success cannot be achieved when either element stands alone.

Tori Lake | Founder of Ethos Design




We are a growing team of experts in business strategy, design, communication, and photography. Passionate about the importance of brand presence at each and every consumer touchpoint, Ethos is ready to elevate your business and facilitate connection with your target audience.

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As small business owners starting our entrepreneurial journey, finding a partner like Ethos has proved invaluable. We chose Tori from various website designers, and our overall experience with Ethos Design has been the kind of positive experience you greatly appreciate as much as you learn from! From the start, Tori was highly professional, communicative, engaged, perceptive, and readily available. She deeply understood our business model and offered precise, high-quality creative options to address our branding needs and website development. While we are still in the early stage of brand development, Tori pieced together a cohesive branding package and website aligned with our vision which has set a strong foundation. Every step of the way, we had the support we needed; Ethos Design delivered in every way. In Ethos we have an expert and reliable partner, and we intend to nurture this as a long-term partnership. We unreservedly recommend Ethos Design to anyone seeking their services.


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