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Sana Vida Ipad Mockup.jpg


On the hunt for professional brand presence while staying within budget, Dr. Morales came to Ethos excited to embark on a an efficient process to provide her counseling practice with a professional, strategically designed presence.

Offering two primary services, her target market is primarily made up of high-earning adults, looking for immigration assistance or trauma therapy. Our goal was to create a calming, elevated, while approachable brand presence that presents Dr. Morales and her services in a simple and professional manner.


Utilizing symbolism of a pearl and shell (symbolic both personally to the client), we have created a minimalist brand mark that feels inspiring, uplifting, while maintaining a gender-neutral feel. Pearls take years to form, starting with the irritant that enters it's environment, which over time reveals a beautiful pearl, offering a fitting analogy to the transformation and healing client’s can experience in spite of life stressors and traumas. 

A unique and memorable logo paired with a minimalist, nature-inspired color palette to compliment the tranquil nature imagery used throughout Sana Vida's digital collateral. Simple, clean, and calm typography choices are utilized, all coming together to present Sana Vida in a professional, elevated, and welcoming manner.

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